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Safety Net

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Safety Net | Toronto, ON | Project | 2014
Materials:  Group-based Performance, Video, String, Paper, Installation

Exhibited 2014, Crossroads Gallery

Safety Net explored the importance of relational intimacies to prison solidarity work, as told through letters and audio recordings from communication with Herman Wallace of the Angola 3. The project used performance and installation to explore dynamics of trust and risk within relationships, and to make these dynamics visible as essential aspects of political action. Group experimentation within public spaces was used as inquiry into the kinds of trust and support needed for a group to make interventions into the public realm. These filmed performances were incorporated into a second video, in which string was used to trace the connections and relational choices people made within public spaces. This video was the backdrop for the reading of a set of letters and audio recordings authored by Herman, which revealed the importance of trust, risk, and vulnerability within organizing across prison walls and around issues of racial justice.

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