Badge of Honor



Badge of Honor | Philadelphia, PA | Project | 2007-2008
Materials: Wood, Acrylic Paint, Mirrors, Plasticine, Paper, Music Box Windup
Co-Authored By Sarah Kodish Eskind
Photo Credits: Tony Rocco

The Badge of Honor project took place in Spring 2007 when families, community-based artists, and university students from Temple University came together with the intent of creating artistic works relating to issues of incarceration. Pepón Osorio, professor and artistic director of the project, is an artist with ties with families and social service organizations in the North Philadelphia community, out of which the project was based. Members of Las Gallas, a Latina arts collective based out of North Philadelphia, gave guidance and support to the project as mentors and family liaisons. Stories gathered in conversation with Angel, a single father who had formerly been incarcerated, were the inspiration for a music box.  This box reflected his memories from inside, as well as his dreams for the future, which was installed in his home. The culmination of the project was an art opening at the Lighthouse Community Center in North Philly, in which photographs of student-family home installations were displayed along with the Pepón Osorio's Badge of Honor installation.


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